has worked in magazines for more than 20 years, written for websites for 14 years, and covered holistic health for a more than a decade. Most recently, she was the editor-in-chief of Natural Solutions (formerly Alternative Medicine), a national newsstand magazine that guided and inspired readers to make conscious choices about their health and the health of the planet. Under her leadership, Natural Solutions became the first consumer health magazine to talk about how plastics harm health and cosmetic companies use known carcinogens in their beauty products. Lauren was also the editor-in-chief of and has held editorial positions at Cosmopolitan, The Natural Foods Merchandiser, Sony Radio Networks, Atlantic City Magazine, Computer Shopper, and PC Sources magazines.

She is currently a freelance writer who covers health and green living for
Natural Health, Nutrition Business Journal, and other publications and websites. She also provides public relations consulting and copywriting services to companies in the natural foods industry. When Lauren’s not studying labels for added sugar/trans fats/processed evil, she's busy discovering nutritional supplements to add to her vast collection. Lauren loves working on articles about integrative therapies or green living like acupuncture, walking meditation, neti pots, composting, chakra aligning, chi boosting—anything that will help her ease stress, find balance, and amuse/annoy her not-so-alternative friends and family.